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Our qualifications

A new approach to health and safety qualifications

NCRQ has developed a suite of exceptional quality, non-sector specific qualifications for supervisors and managers to give them the skills that are actually required by employers.

Right for students

No more exams. No more reading and memorising textbooks. No more learning to answer questions in a particular style.

NCRQ teaches you to learn for yourself - working progressively through a series of real case studies and activities, so that you fully understand the principles in depth. This gives you the confidence and independence to be a truly effective supervisor, manager, or safety practitioner.

NCRQ assessments are designed to reflect reality - where you will not be isolated in a room, but will have the time and resources to properly reflect on your work. Assessments take the form of written assignments, based on real workplace scenarios. Rather than write about the theory of risk assessment, you will do a risk assessment. Rather than give ten reasons why accidents should be investigated, you will do an accident investigation. And the focus is not on presenting the reports in a particular way, but writing them in a style that you are comfortable with, or suits your employer.

Right for employers

Employers require managers and supervisors that can actually manage health and safety; not necessarily those that can answer exam questions that test the recital of safety knowledge. An effective safety practitioner is one that can apply legal duties to any workplace scenario from basic principles, can independently undertake research on topics beyond their knowledge, can confidently determine suitable and sufficient risk control measures that are sensible and proportionate to the risks, and can then justify any additional costs to senior management. Our qualifications have been developed with some of the largest employers in the country, to ensure that they give people these skills.

Right for the 21st century

The world is a different place than it was 30 years ago. Industry has changed. Teaching and education methods have changed. And society has changed.

Our qualifications cover high-consequence risks in the same depth as others, but also focus on the less-serious but high volume risks that cause the highest number of accidents, ill-health, and time off work. They recognise that the cost of employee absence and civil claims is often the biggest driver for health and safety in business, and that the measures needed to reduce the number and costs of these are not necessarily the same as those to reduce accidents. And they passionately instil the sensible and risk-based approach to health and safety - giving you the confidence not just to recommend an employer to do something, but also to recognise when a control measure is disproportionate and not required.