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About National Compliance & Risk Qualifications


Who are NCRQ?

National Compliance and Risk Qualifications - NCRQ - has been established by a number of leading experts in health and safety. This includes representatives of some of the UK’s largest employers, including the BBC, Royal Mail, Siemens plc, and local authorities, specialists from the Health and Safety Executive, legal experts, and academics.

NCRQ was formed to improve the competence of health and safety practitioners - focusing on the knowledge and skills required to actually supervise or manage employees in a safe manner, to manage the health and safety of an organisation, or to provide assurance of a competent consultant.

Employers require safety practitioners that can effectively manage health and safety; not necessarily those that can answer exam questions that recite safety knowledge. An effective safety practitioner is one that can apply legal duties to any workplace scenario from basic principles, can independently undertake research on topics beyond their knowledge, can confidently determine suitable and sufficient risk control measures that are sensible and proportionate to the risks, and can then justify any additional costs to senior management. The NCRQ suite of safety qualifications provides assurance that an individual has these skills.


Our qualifications are modern and directly relevant to the needs of both students and employers.

  • Employers desire people who are able to apply their knowledge and skills to modern working environments, rather than able to recite facts and theories

  • The vast majority of UK employees now work in the services sectors

  • The litigation and corporate risk landscape has evolved significantly over recent years

  • Students prefer a dynamic and problem-based approach to learning, where they are assessed on their understanding and application of knowledge.

Exceptional quality

Our qualifications are developed exclusively by the UK leading experts in each topic. In addition to experienced professionals, this group includes industry specialists, regulatory experts, senior academics, and top barristers.


Students gain knowledge, skills and competence through the detailed exploration of genuine case studies; immersed in the appreciation of fundamental concepts and developing the ability to work from key principles from the outset.


NCRQ are committed to removing barriers to quality education.

  • Reducing financial constraints – by combining the development of qualifications with the delivery of online and distance learning, we reduce costs and ensure that fees are not excessive

  • Reducing physical constraints – a blend of online activities and self-study, in addition to a focus on assignment-based assessment, reduces the burden of travel time and costs to those who do not live close to major cities.


All of the qualifications developed by NCRQ are aligned with the RQF (formally QCF) – the Regulated Qualifications Framework, and are accredited by the qualifications and examinations regulator Ofqual. This gives confidence to students and employers that our qualifications are delivered by an organisation whose integrity, resources and competence have been independently checked. It ensures that qualifications are monitored and are of the appropriate standard and level they claim, and increases recognition across the UK and Europe.