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NCRQ Support Scheme

Coronavirus Support Scheme for NCRQ Qualifications

Back in March, we decided to release our NCRQ Safety for Managers qualification for free to do our bit to make a positive impact on society despite the challenging situation. Anticipating a moderate uptake, we ended up providing over 20,000 free qualifications to businesses and individuals up and down the country – equivalent to £4.5m of health and safety training. The impact of such a massive uptake will have extensive and long-lasting benefits for so many, and not just those who have completed the course.

We were overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm this initiative garnered, and so when the UK Government announced a second lockdown, we decided it was important we provided another opportunity to gain NCRQ qualifications.

This time, we have decided to do something a little bit different. 

We’ve launched a new NCRQ Support Scheme to make our qualifications more accessible to those who have been furloughed, or are currently looking for work.

Under this scheme, we are offering all our qualifications at half the usual price for those who meet our eligibility criteria, throughout the month of November.

NCRQ have always intended to put purpose before profit and, at this moment, it feels appropriate to ensure that those who may have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic are able to continue to develop skills and knowledge. We truly believe that up-skilling businesses and individuals in health and safety can be an effective measure to support the public through this time, and hope that this scheme enables professionals to remain life-long learners.

At the end of the day, health and safety is everyone’s business – you just might not know it yet.

If you’d like to apply to join us, click below for the enrolment form. If you have any queries please get in touch with our Support Team by phone on 01244 956990 or email us at

Why aren’t you offering a free qualification again? 

The free initiative was a fantastic experience for all of us at NCRQ, and highlighted to many the importance of gaining exceptional health and safety training. 

However, this time, we wanted to widen our offering and allow more people to gain higher level qualifications at a lower cost. During the first lockdown, numerous prospective students told us they wanted to continue with our studies, but felt they would struggle financially at this time. As such, we have thought very carefully about how best to responsibly support those who are aiming to continue their learning.

While we wish we could provide all qualifications for free to anyone who needed them, the reality is that the best way to support both the economy and individuals is to be a sustainable business. Therefore, we have decided to significantly reduce the cost of all our qualifications for those in need – rather than providing only one qualification for free.

This is Chijioke’s Story

A great example of one of our students gaining employment because of his NCRQ Certificate in Applied Health and Safety.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be able to provide evidence that on the date of their enrolment they are either a) receiving Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA); or b) are currently furloughed from work.

For JSA applicants, this may be a copy of their award letter or current work search record.

Furloughed workers must provide evidence from their employer that this is the case. Usually this will be in the form of a signed letter from their employer printed on letter-headed paper, or a formal email. Regardless of the nature of the evidence, the contact details of a senior organisational contact must be provided to validate the status of the applicant.

Where a business would like to enrol their ‘furloughed’ employee(s), they will need to provide evidence that they are using the government’s Job Retention Scheme to claim for the employee(s)’ wages that are applying to the scheme. This could be in the form of a furlough notification letter from the employer to the employee(s) or other reasonable evidence that shows they are furloughed on the date of their application with NCRQ.

Small Print

There are some special terms and conditions that apply to our support scheme, in addition to our standard terms.

1. New enrolments only. Those who have previously enrolled on NCRQ qualifications are eligible only where they are enrolling on a new qualification.
2. Where students have previously been enrolled on a qualification and subsequently cancelled that enrolment, they will not be eligible for the scheme on that qualification.
3. By applying under this scheme, prospective students consent to NCRQ contacting the Department of Work and Pensions, other government agencies, or their employer, to validate their entitlement. 
4. Students who fraudulently enrol on this scheme may have their enrolment withdrawn at any time, including after their assessments have been completed.
5. Students who are eligible for the scheme on the date of enrolment who subsequently change their status because they no longer receive JSA or are a furloughed employee remain eligible for the duration of their enrolment.
6. Students must be based in the UK, and have a UK postal address.
7. It is intended that the scheme will remain open until 3 December 2020, however we may withdraw this at any time.
8. Acceptance onto the scheme is on a discretionary basis, and NCRQ reserves the right to refuse any enrolment without reason.
9. To be enrolled, evidence of eligibility for the scheme will be required to be received by us within 5 business days.
10. Ineligible students will be refunded within seven business days.
11. There are no reductions to resubmission, re-enrolment or other fees.





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