Resubmission Policy

This policy applies to all unit enrolments from Wednesday 20 June 2018.

Where a first submission does not meet the assessment criteria

If the first attempt at an assessment does not meet all of the assessment criteria, then a student will receive a “refer” grade. Feedback will then be provided by the assessor explaining where the assessment criteria has not been met, and why the required standard was not achieved. The student is then given the chance to revise the assessment (on payment of the appropriate fee) and focus their attention on the areas identified as requiring improvement.

Please note: Students will always be permitted a second attempt at an assessment.

Where a second attempt does not meet the assessment criteria

Where a student fails to meet the assessment criteria on their second submission, they will only be permitted to make an additional attempt at the assessment in the following circumstances:

  • they have not previously had a second re-submission permitted in any other NCRQ assessment in that unit; and
  • the tutor agrees that a further re-submission is appropriate and in the best interests of the student and organisation; and
  • there have been no adverse findings of malpractice in the previous 12 months.

Where a second re-submission is not permitted, or where permitted but the student fails to meet the assessment criteria on the second resubmission, then the student will be deemed to have failed to achieve the unit.

Where a student fails to achieve the unit, they will need to re-start the unit. This will require payment of the appropriate enrolment fee, and completion of new assessments for every element of the unit, regardless of their previous performance.

At this stage, students should reflect and take advice from their tutors to consider if the course of study is suitable for them.

Why is this policy in place?

Qualifications providers have to provide a balance between education and assessment. On one hand, NCRQ want to provide as much teaching, mentoring, support and feedback as possible to encourage students to understand concepts and be able to apply their knowledge effectively. On the other hand, NCRQ need to provide an assurance that a student has an adequate level of competence in each of the assessment criteria without assistance. Ofqual regulated qualifications are required to place an emphasis on getting assessment “right first time”.

Of course, students may not always get it right first time, and will sometimes not meet the assessment criteria on the first attempt. In recognition of this, a second attempt is permitted on every assessment so that students can learn from the feedback provided by an assessor whilst also receiving clarification and support from their tutor as necessary.

However, there are a small number of students who, despite feedback from assessors and tutor support, are still unable to demonstrate adequate competence. Whilst they may be permitted a third attempt on one occasion only in their NCRQ studies if they continuously fail to meet the assessment criteria they will be deemed to have not met the required standard for the qualification and will ultimately fail the unit.

This will affect only a very small percentage of all students, however, unfortunately, it is the case that not everyone will have the capability of completing a degree-level qualification. In order to maintain academic integrity, it is not permissible to allow students an unlimited number of re-attempts, assessor feedback and tutor support in rapid succession.

Where an assessment is failed by an assessor, the student will need to wait for a minimum of six months before being permitted to enrol and restart the whole unit again. All assessments (including those previously passed) will need to be completed again (students will be sent a new version of each assessment) and the full unit enrolment fee will need to be paid. This is in line with other further and higher education institutions.

Don’t worry!

Whilst it might sound scary, the reality is that this will only affect a very small number of students. You will not fail the qualification for repeatedly making small mistakes. This will only affect the very small minority of students who, despite repeated feedback from assessors, are not able to meet the academic standards of the qualification. It is designed to safeguard the integrity of the qualification, and ensure that students who are clearly not able to achieve the required standards are not encouraged to continue with the qualification.
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